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Special financing

can it help you purchase a car?

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Special Financing Auto Loans

Special financing is a term often used to describe auto loans for potential car buyers that have bad credit or no credit scores. This is also includes people who've been through prior bankruptcies and/or repossession who too have limited or no credit histories at all.

What is Special Finance?

In the auto industry, special financing auto loans is basically a segment of the sector specifically tailored for borrowers who have limited or completely bad credit histories. Special financing in the auto industry is highly risk-based. Risk based means that the terms of the car loan are set so the expected financial return/gain to the auto lender or investor is great enough to cover the risk in default by said borrower. Typically, special finance auto loans carry higher interest rates than is available to borrowers with a clean credit history.

Brief Special Finance Breakdown

If you've been through bankruptcy, vehicle repossession, or another form of default or 'hiccup' on your credit history - it's likely you might not qualify for traditional financing. Auto lenders note such incidents during credit checks and label the potential borrower as a risk. Some lenders may offer financing in-house, including special finance loans. Read more about special finance from

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